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As a database made in China, GBase 8a has very distinct advantages in local services compared with similar foreign products:

Good quality of service: the product line has a technical service team with strong technical force; the service personnel have not only excellent expertise and strong service capabilities, but also rich work experience, 80% of whom have more than three years of experience in data management operations and large-scale project implementation. It is a high-quality professional technical support service team, which can provide the following technical support   services:

Pre-sales support: solution support, product customization, consulting services

Field support: implementation testing, aftersales service, regular inspection

Remote services: Internet support, 7*24 phone support, e-mail, Sina Weibo

Expert training: professional trainers, supporting training materials, hands-on training

Large team scale: the current product line has been equipped nearly 100 full-time technical support, training, and after-sales staff, having formed a product support service system with industry service in the longitudinal direction, and regional services in the horizontal direction.

Based on the headquarters R&D base in Tianjin, the marketing center in Beijing and the subsidiary in Nanjing, and relying on the four offices (Shenyang, Jinan, Xi'an, Guangzhou) radiating across the country and a number of well-known domestic and international software developers, software integration and software service providers that are partners of the company, Common Data has created a marketing and service network that is based in the east, stretches from north to south, extends to the west, and radiate across the country, to provide comprehensive support for GBase 8a products and services.

High service cost-effectiveness: compared with similar foreign products, under the premise of ensuring the quality of services, GBase 8a has high service cost effectiveness, by actively giving play to the strong advantage of local companies in high service cost-effectiveness. 

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